The Bucket List

Bucket list again? Yes, I know that I have done this before, but I’m doing it again. I want to, and that is all the reason I need to do anything. I have a 7% chance of long-term survival, so I can make a bucket list 37 times if I want.


For the record, I think everyone should have a bucket list and everyone should sit down and make their own. I have seen numerous posts where someone has a bunch of prepackaged ideas, but they are usually banal. But no one really is really qualified to know what kind of things you’d like to do.


So let us begin.




Everyone has a few places they’d like to visit, and I’m no different. Some I have developed through my own research, some my dad and I discussed visiting before his death.


So here we go:


  • Great Barrier Reef – my dad and I talked about visiting and going scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Sadly, with work and school, I never got certified before his death, so this trip didn’t happen. I do have a memorial necklace containing a few of his ashes. So should my health allow this trip to happen, I will carry his ashes with me.


  • Northern Lights – this is one I have always wanted to see for myself. Who wouldn’t want to see the northern lights from a dome hotel in Iceland? If you don’t, don’t tell me, I don’t care. Also, Iceland has several other places I would like to visit, so this would be a fun week to a 10-day long trip.


  • Japan – I want to be like Logan Paul….I’m kidding, if I ever act like him I ask that my friends beat, literally beat, some sense into me. Japan has a long and wonderfully rich history. The only way to really experience that would be to visit it.


Also, if you block his accounts on social media you don’t have to see when someone shares his other inane nonsense.


  • Galapagos Islands – This is another place my dad and I talked about as a good place for scuba diving. If you don’t know why the Galapagos Islands are important, congrats on not paying attention in high school biology. This is another place that would be a great trip for a week to observe one of the most important places in scientific history on the planet.


  • Rome – This is one my dad visiting for two weeks several years ago and he always encouraged me to try and go. A city with the history of Rome should be a place everyone would want to visit at least once.


  • My friend Stephanie recommended we take one trip together since we have known each other since 1st So suggestions are open, but maybe the Bahamas or possibly a cruise. But she doesn’t want to go to Australia. Apparently, they have a plague of venomous snakes and spiders and we would be taking a huge chance.





Miscellaneous Bucket List Items:


So what is a bucket list without a long list of random things?


  • Unfollow everyone that post nothing but politics. Done. This has made social media so much better if you spend your day sharing 27 anti or pro-Trump articles. I don’t see it, and I am much happier for it.



  • Hoverboard race with my friend Stephanie. She insists on this being in here…I guess she wants to lose to a stage 4 cancer patient in tight leather pants I found on Wish.


Can someone tell why the stuff on Wish even exists?


  • Drive a golf cart to the liquor store. Done as of 11/24/2017. Sadly, it’s normal in Peachtree City, GA.


  • Referring back to the travel section. I want to find and take pictures of some of the venomous snakes in Australia. Mainly because I really want to push my luck.


  • Cook with Gordon Ramsay. Why? Because I want to know if I can do it without being called an idiot sandwich. If I can, it’s a win and if I can’t, it’s still a win.


  • I want to get in one of those giant plastic balls and be rolled downhill into a group of people. Like bowling with people instead of bowling pins.


  • Win the lottery, buy an island, adopt a bunch of dogs and be insufferable all day to everyone. I have the insufferable part down already, but now I need to figure out the rest.


  • Wear my “I Ain’t Dead Yet MotherF*****s” shirt to chemotherapy. Can anyone think of a better shirt to wear to treatments? No, I didn’t think so.


  • Run for Congress on a popular set of promises, win and immediately ignore my constituents in favor of lobbyists’ money. This one is done a lot, so let’s scratch that one.


  • Make everyone as uncomfortable as possible about my disease. If cancer was contagious, I would go to random stores and cough on those annoying people that blast music on their cell phone loudly. For now, I have to settle for jokes that make everyone uncomfortable.


  • Start a cult…why? Because I want to


  • Use the cult I started to make myself a millionaire by selling false hope to gullible people. Does this make me a bad person? Yes, but I do not care.


  • Eat 127 tacos in one day. Again this one I could probably pull off.


  • Eat 128 tacos the day after eating 127 tacos in one day.


  • Learn to paint like Bob Ross. If I can grow my hair out like his too, that will be an extra win.



This is the beginning of my bucket list, I reserved the right to add, edit and change this at any time. If anything on this list offends you, please email me at idonotcare@youropinionmeansnothingtome.com

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