It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday. It’s also the 4 year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer. To put it simply, my life has changed drastically. I left one job, finished a second degree and started a new career, had that career put on hold and been pushed physically and mentally to my limits. When Dr. Davis gave… Read More It’s my birthday


My history: Part 2

In January of 2014 I met with my medical oncologist for the first time. Dr. Liudmila Schafer at UAMS, she explained there was no guarantee that we could beat this, but that we’d give our best shot. She ordered a new round of tests, blood work, CT, and urine workup to establish our new baseline.… Read More My history: Part 2


My history: Part 1

I decided to write this for a couple of reasons. The first was to detail the last 3 years of my life in dealing with a life threatening disease, and the second was to have a place where people could read and hopefully understand why I have chosen to handle this the way I have.… Read More My history: Part 1