Medical Marijuana in Arkansas: Armageddon is Upon US.

Medical Marijuana in Arkansas is starting, so I might as well annoy as many people as possible.

I’m going to break my own rules and discuss politics, albeit it briefly. Jeff Sessions recently issued new guidance on the issue of marijuana in states that had approved its use. That is not the only reason I decided to tackle this issue. I had the “pleasure” of discussing this issue on social media. Who doesn’t love a good Facebook argument? So let’s discuss Medical Marijuana in Arkansas and why it’s an important issue to me.

Some Background

In 2016 Arkansas voters surprisingly approved medical marijuana, it was defeated before by a closer margin than expected. With that, a lot of chronic illness suffers had hope that something might reduce some of their symptoms. I’ll come back to the research on this issue. The state government went to work on the implementation of medical marijuana in the state.

Arkansas put control of medical marijuana regulations in the hands of the Alcohol Beverage Control. They went to work on drafting a set of regulations along with advice from the legislature. One of the most vocal critics was State Sen. Jason Rapert who proposed numerous bills to slow down and block the implementation of medical marijuana.

Because us peasants do not matter.

Regardless, Medical Marijuana in Arkansas is here and the rollout is starting.

Jason Rapert does not approve of Medical Marijuana in Arkansas



Federal Laws

Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, however, the Obama administration gave prosecutors leeway in states that had approved its use. The federal government seems intent on making things difficult because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level if you get a medical marijuana card you are barred from purchasing a firearm.

But you can take an oxycodone and go get your firearm no questions asked.

I love government double standards.

And no, I do not want to stop people from purchasing firearms, I want the federal government to leave people alone until they harm someone else.




This is where my conversation on social media started. This claim made that an individual cured leukemia with Rick Simpson oil and chemo kills you. Honestly, I felt like I was dying when I was taking chemotherapy, but chemotherapy does have significant in vivo studies.

Quick side note:
In vivo: testing a compound on the organism.
In vitro: means in the glass, so think of the term “test tube experiments”

The National Cancer Institute has an entire section dedicated to cannabis as a cancer treatment. To sum it up “we need to do more research.” As someone with a science background. I agree that we need to more research, we should always be exploring new options.

Remember when I talked about bad advice, this is what I meant:

Don’t advise cancer patients to take an untested oil instead of chemo
I will drop kick you into the sun with my chemo infusing



I am unsure how calling a cancer patient an idiot for trusting medical professionals is a good way to encourage people to believe your claim.

Individuals that suffer from other chronic health issues are hopeful that cannabis can give some relief for their symptoms. Which I really hope it can, there is nothing worse in life than everything revolving around a medical condition.

Conclusion: Medical Marijuana in Arkansas

I have no plans to apply for a medical marijuana card, even though I qualify.

I am glad to see Medical Marijuana in Arkansas, and I am glad the voters took the ball from the legislature. Hopefully, now we can get on the business of researching and understanding the benefits and drawbacks.

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