It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday.

It’s also the 4 year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer.

To put it simply, my life has changed drastically. I left one job, finished a second degree and started a new career, had that career put on hold and been pushed physically and mentally to my limits. When Dr. Davis gave me the pathology, I knew it would be a challenge, but I never imagined exactly how tough that it would be.

Adrenocortical carcinoma has a low survival rate (around 40%) so I am aware that at any moment my health can decline rapidly, and being honest, if that happens, I am okay with it. The reason I am okay with it is not that I am suffering from depression, but I know that sometimes life isn’t fair. It’s okay if you are upset or angry over illness, but ultimately, bad things happen to people for reasons we will never completely understand.

I sit here, especially on days when I have a hard time getting out of bed or performing basic functions and wonder if I wasted too much time working a dead-end job (if you want me to rant and rave like a lunatic, ask me about that). I waited far too long to go back to school, which was easily the best decision I’ve made in the past several years. I definitely have not done near what the amount of stuff I have wanted.

However, one day I still plan to travel and see somethings I have always hoped to see. Someone may have to wheel me around to these places, but I’ll still go. Maybe I will develop a professional wrestling persona, something like the Chemo Ninja. I would easily be the worst guy on any independent show, but it would be wonderfully awesome to watch me fail miserably. To say I get bored often is a bit of an understatement.

I want to thank all my family and friends that have helped me out over the past few years. I couldn’t have done it without your help. I’m hoping to get into writing more, one of the reason I moved my blog here was to push me with being more creative, so I am pushing to do one post every two weeks. It will be a combo of everything, including food blogging and random pictures about my dogs. If you have a problem with that, you can take it up with Milly.

PS. If anyone can find this sweater let me know. I can have an awesome photo shoot with it.

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  1. Zach, that was a very from the heart & soul communication. I hope that you are well enough to do all the things you would take pleasure in doing. The battle that you have fought for life in the past 4 years is nothing short of a miracle and to still have the wherewithal to share that very difficult journey speaks to a strength that very few of us possess. You have already won!

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