Friday Potpourri (01/05/2018)

Short post today

First off, I need to thank my friend Britney Logan for the work on the site. She designed the logo and reformatted the entire site for me. You should check her out at Seize the Daises.

I spoke with my doctor (well, her nurse) earlier this week. The spots on my liver had all remained the same size from my previous scan or had regressed slightly. However, the spots on my lungs had continued to grow, just very slowly. Currently, we have two treatment options, one is to go back on chemotherapy, but with a new set of drugs, and the other is a new immunotherapy that was approved in May. To determine if I qualify for the immunotherapy she had to order some stains from pathology, they were inconclusive. The next step is to have a CT scan next week to determine if the spots are in the lungs are big enough to biopsy. If they are, they will biopsy the spots and attempt the stains again. So things have been slow going while we wait on all the different departments to get the necessary information, but it is better from them to be correct rather than rush a treatment and doesn’t work while I deal with the side effects.

I want to thank everyone for the feedback, I do appreciate it. The amount of support from people who have reached out to me. The amount of people who have told me they have similar situations in their families to my father is sobering. Everyone from friends to acquaintances and even someone from Australia has reached out to me with support, and I really appreciate it. I may look into doing more posts are the matter and do some research to put a complete picture on the matter. I would also like to tie addiction in terms of opioid addiction since that is the class of drugs I am currently taking, and how often people in my situation become addicted.

Future Ideas
I am constantly mulling ideas for topics, but I can never decide if a topic is something people would want to read. So if you have ideas for topics that you’d like me to discuss let me know. I am always open to suggestions. I have one piece that is about ¼ of the way done, I have a feeling it will be a long one (I typically try and keep everything short, time is valuable), but sometimes I feel like I don’t add enough to paint a complete picture.

Please note, if you have any suggestions on topics or my writing please let me know. I am not thin skinned on the matter.


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