Bad Advice

I’m probably going to offend some people reading this, but such is life and you will survive.

I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to organize it. So I may make it an outgoing series depending on how much information I see in the future.

So what am I calling “bad advice”, well, anything that could lead to negative effects in cancer patients? This usually involves advice about not listening to your doctor and “big pharma wanting to keep you sick.” (If you believe that, do not email me and if you do I will be happy to post your email and mock you without mercy)

Anything shared by David Wolfe

I’m not going to go in-depth on David Wolfe because that has been done numerous times. But David Wolfe doesn’t care about your health or wellness, he cares about your money. There have been great pieces and videos exposing David Wolfe and his dangerous advice. I’ll link to a couple, but if you want me to alter my treatment because of a David Wolfe meme…..don’t.
The David Avocado Wolfe Effect

(Please note this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR CHILDREN, but I don’t blame the guy for his language)

“You don’t need drugs to cure you”

One of the popular themes today seems to be that if you eat some special combination of foods you can cure yourself of anything, including cancer. Diet and exercise do a part in the development and treatment of cancer, but they are not solely a treatment. I looked at several websites that I will not link and a lot of the “protocols” are behind a paywall. So I shouldn’t give doctors and pharmaceutical my money because of some vast conspiracy but Debbie with a high school education and a juicer is an expert that deserves my money? I’ll pass. I’ll stick my banana and strawberry smoothie with breakfast and pills.


People live longer without chemotherapy

This is a statement so idiotic that I am not sure where to start but is a popular one on social media due to David Wolfe (See point 1). This study is currently 50-60 years out of date and even when it was published, it was highly questionable. The odd adage “garbage in garbage out” applies here. Dr. David Gorski has done a wonderful job of digging through these studies to refute this claims. So I recommend everyone read his piece Chemotherapy Doesn’t Work? For the record, Gorski’s study was published in 1957, 26 years before I was born and cited stats from the 1920’s and 1930’s. We have developed an insane amount of medical technology since that time.

“Hey I’ve been thinking about you…”
This is usually a well-meaning friend or family member that wants to just check in on me. But every once in a while it is someone (almost always someone I don’t know or haven’t spoken to in years) selling an “all-natural, GMO-free, supplement that would really help me”. Great, I’ll ask my doctor about it….Oh yeah, doctors are a part of some big pharma conspiracy to keep me sick. Just because your product is “all-natural and GMO-free” doesn’t mean it won’t interfere with my meds (which I am not stopping) or the fact that I have one kidney and damage to my liver. Did you know a lot of medications will interact with grapefruit and grapefruit juice too?

This one fruit can foil big pharma’s plan!

“People didn’t get cancer before *insert random event*”
Yes, yes we did, we just didn’t know what it truly was or what caused it. The term cancer comes from carcinos and carcinoma with was described by Hippocrates who lived from 460-370 BC. Hippocrates is also considered the father of modern medicine (ACS History of Cancer) and the reason we get to sign all those wonderful forms at the doctor. So yes, people always got cancer, and besides, I was born after *random event* so I have cancer and that is that. This leads to a belief that if I lived a lifestyle similar to those led before the *random event* I will be cured…no

“People who eat this fruit or these seeds don’t get cancer….”
Yes, they do, and when you mention this it is almost always attributed to “other factors.” Exactly, multiple factors go into the development of cancer, so no magical fruit or seeds would cure me or could have prevented this.

If you change your body’s PH cancer cells can’t survive.
If you change your body’s PH that much you will die. Cancer cells are human cells that have grown out of control, so if you change the PH in your body to such an environment that cancer cells can’t survive, neither can any of the cells in your body.

Great News!! I alkalized my body and killed all the cancer!!

Next, I’ll see a meme about putting leaches on my body while walking barefoot on a volcano, and sword fighting 15 ninjas to the death will align my body with nature and cure me. That doesn’t work because I’ve done it.

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